Proactive Content

I had the great pleasure of running Proactive’s NYC studio for 2.5 years. In that time, I help create, produce and manage all the videos productions, from conferences to in-sudio shoots.

Below is a selection of past works, broken down by type.

Zoom Videos

Here are two videos utilizing Zoom’s video communications platform. They are edited and packaged using Proactive’s corporate branding.

V1 – Above is a video recorded inside Zoom’s interfaced, featuring two guests.
V2 – Click here to see a Zoom video featuring a single guest.

Tricaster Videos

All the videos below were created in-studio, utilizing Tricaster’s TC1 with three HD cameras.

V3 – Above is a Skype interview with a live background.
V4 – Click here to see a Skype video with B-Roll.
V5 – Click here to see a two person Skype Video.
V6 – Above is an in-person studio interview.

Conference Shoots

Throughout the calendar year, we would produce several remote shoots at small-cap industry conferences. Below are some examples.

V7 – Above features two person Interview on location.
V8 – Click here to see a one person interview with signage.
V9 – Click here to see a one person Interview with half signage.

Remote Shoots

Additionally, we would produce some profile shoots for our clients and newsmakers. Below are two samples.

V10 – Above is a client video at Nasdaq’s bell ceremony.
V11 – Above is a remote shoot at a company’s showroom.

Branded NEWS Shows

One of my major accomplishments was creating three original shows, from branding to execution. Most times, the shows would run on a daily basis. Eventually the productions shifted to a three days, when our workload and client needs increased.

The show focus was on cannabis stocks, gains, losses and their news.
To see additional episodes click on the dates – Feb 19-2019 | Mar 29 -2019 | Aug 26-2019
This show showcased the winner and losers of small cap stocks.
The show was canned after 2018. To see more, please visit Proactive’s YouTube channel.
The focus for this show was to highlighted Cannabis and Crypto currency volatility. The show was abandoned and replaced with Buds and Duds.
See above. Additional episodes can be found at Proactive’s YouTube channel.