Client List & References

Client List

client list

The list below shows some of the notable clients, brands and companies, I have worked with on different video projects, throughout the years.

AOL, ANT1, Business Week,  Citigroup, Colgate, Concur, Converse, CoverGirl, Dan Rather Reports, Dell Computers, Englewood Lab, Gotham Inc., HBO, HDTV,  Hogarth Worldwide, HTC, Kahlua, LG, Malibu Rum, Mattel, Merck Drugs, Microsoft, MSL Group, Novartis, Omni Media Group, Prevacid, Proactive, Prudential, RoccoP, SAP, TransGas, TVOne, Tums, Wunderman Worldwide, UNICEF and United Nations


Front Cover

Tricia Manning-Smith / Senior Director at Concur

Nectarios’ positive attitude and responsiveness are equal to his talents. While working under tight deadlines and implementing meticulous notes, Nectarios delivered a product that the boss called “Awesome!” Great work, Nectarios.

Ray Young / Writer & Director of “Entwine”, “Paper Wrap Fire” & “Front Cover”

Nectarios was the editor for three of my films – two shorts and a feature. Nectarios is very dedicated and passionate; he watches all the rushes diligently and selects the best moment for each scene. He is creative in his editing choices, able to problem solve, fun to work with and technically savvy.

Cesar De Leon / Writer & Director of “Salud”

My name is Cesar De Leon and I’ve been good friends with Nectarios Leonidas for over four years now. I’ve been working as an actor for ten years now with good credentials under by belt and as a director for four. One of the most vital things that I learned quickly was that working on any project, you need a good team behind you. It must’ve carried back from being in the military for so long. Without having team players that are synchronized with your ideas, nothing gets done. Having worked with Nectarios, I learned that he is a vital team player, with talent and always open to new ideas. On several occasions I have gone to Nectarios for feedback. Most recently for my first feature film, SALUD which I’m happy to say, he is editing. Nectarios is always on time with projects. When he says he’ll have something done rest assure he’s responsible. He’s very optimistic, always up for a challenge, and willing to extend his hand to others who need help. He possesses a lot of talent in other areas as well such as directing, writing and as a DP. Having been in the industry for so long you learn the good apples from bad ones, and one thing I can say is that anyone working with Nectarios will surely learn to appreciate what he has to offer.

Celia Peters / Writer & Director of “Breakthrough”

Nectarios is a diligent, knowledgeable and extremely resourceful producer. His strong film background gives him a broad base of knowledge to call upon and his resourcefulness means he will always be able to find whatever resource or crew person is needed (and get the best bang for the buck). He is a straight-shooter, and because of his honesty and integrity, he works well with everyone from me, the director to crew to production assistants, because he makes everyone feel respected and they trust him. He is upbeat even when things get hectic, always ready with a funny observation that brings a lift to the situation. He created an environment where I could focus on directing my film and he did so with expertise, flexibility and good humor. I counted on Nectarios without question during production of my film and my expectations were exceeded. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.