Black Site Feature Film

Black Site – clip – Are You Serious? from nectarios on Vimeo.

Role: Director, Producer & Editor

A clip from my first feature film,”Black Site.” It played several human rights festivals around the world, see IMDB.

A group of people get captured in their homes and business and taken to a make shift prison. They are soon uncovered as detainees in the “war of terror.”

Everyday people are abducted from their homes and business and are held in a privately owned makeshift prison. The guards running this covert prison include: Baker, a militant female leader determined to stay in command; Martin, a sadistic renegade who struggles with control issues; and Jackson, a Christian who has put his faith on the back burner. Enter Santiago, a new guard whose conscience is challenged by what he encounters on the job.

The bewildered detainees suspected of having terrorist ties are questioned, abused and tortured as they deny being enemies of the state. Santiago questions his peers, while they justifies their actions around them. Baker skillfully manipulates and tries to break the detainees into confessions. Jackson, doesn’t let his moral compass get in the way of his duty. Martin’s short fuse, extreme tactics and sadistic behavior towards the captured climaxes to fatal results.

When a scheduled television news crew comes to do a report on this so called “Black Site,” the guards quickly attempt to cover their tracks and present a unified front. This leads to a boiling point for all the parties involved, as their motivations and actions come into play.

Trailer Below:

You can rent or buy the feature on Amazon & Cinecliq.