NYC Uber driver JAGDEEP doesn’t return his client’s items.

AGDEEP doesn’t return people’s property

It’s been over two week, since I seen my iPhone 11 Pro. The early morning of Aug 13th, a friend and I took Uber to Brooklyn. My friend used his Uber account to book the two drop off trip. He got out in Fort Green and rated & tipped our Uber driver, JAGDEEP five stars.

Jagdeep then drove me to my place and let me off. When I got inside, I realized I left my iPhone behind. I went on FIND MY app on my mac to see where I left it. Just in case it wasn’t in his car. I see my iPhone was traveling down the BQE heading to Queens, from my neighborhood. I text my friend to ask him to reach out to the driver via the UBER app. And I tried to reach Jagdeep by texting an calling my iPhone. When no reply I tried hitting the play sound on the FIND MY app. I waited another hour or so, for a reply, since he was still working.

JAGDEEP neighborhood
268-16 Union Turnpike, 
New Hyde Park, NY 
JAGDEEP neighborhood In QUEENS


no call,

no reply,

no message, on the UBER app,


I went to bed and hoped to hear something the next day.

On Sunday, I see the iPhone is still beaming the location from QUEENS. It was at the same location in NEW HYDE PARK until 6pm. I tried several times texting again and hitting the sound option on FIND My app through-out the day & night. AGAIN No reply from Jagdeep. Later that night, I came home and notice the iphone was traveling around Grand Army Plaza and tried to text and sound the alarm, while it was in motion. Hoping this time, they would respond but they never did. My iphone died around 2am that night.

Last time I seen my iphone 11 pro looks like it was still in the Jagdeep's UBER.
iphone 11 pro last seen

On Monday, I reached out to Uber to get some help. But because I wasn’t the one who booked the ride they didn’t see it on the app. So I had my friend reach out and they spend the next 2-3 days trying to get a hold of him. Uber, myself and my friend tried through out the week to reach him via the app but he never replied to any of our requests. NOT TO ME, NOT TO MY FRIEND and NOT TO UBER.

On Wednesday Aug 16th , I filed a police report, as a last resort. If anyone know this driver, please have him reach out to UBER or me on here, I would love to get my phone back or find out what happen. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.