music track – jack phillips presents ready for the weekend #207

film synopsis

p.n.p A middle age man, tries to get over a past lover by having a hedonistic weekend, that turns dark as the drugs kick in.

PNP teaser poster

p.n.p is the story of Glenn a middle aged male who is having a hard time getting over a past lover.  He tries to numb the pain by having a party and play weekend with a few online hookups. 
One is Tim, a younger male, who likes Glenn’s low key company and their share interest in photography and weed.  Tim’s chill night gets out of hand, when Glenn invites Carlos, a pnp hookup.   As the drugs flow, John true nature rears it’s ugly head. 

links: Script | IMDB

director’s statement

p.n.p takes a page from recent news headlines from the US and abroad.  We see the current state of gay hook ups and the darker side of this new normal. 

The film will be shot in b&w and takes visual cues from Mapplethourp photos and films like Y tu mama tabien, Irreversible, taxi zum klu, theo and hugo, Cruising and Strangers by the lake to name a few.