9 Questions web doc series


Frankie Edozien and I, created this new web doc series, 9 questions.  Check out the trailer and sign up for the Facebook page for the updates.

New York City has always been a magnet for talent, risk takers and searching for excellence. In this web series, 9 Questions, we unveil what makes these select New Yorkers tick.

How did they end up in the world’s capital shining bright and become part of the firmament of the city that never sleeps? Today they are New Yorkers but yesterday they might have been immigrants seduced by the bright lights and a desire to shine. Or rural Americans needing to break out and unleash creative excellence on the world. New York opened her arms and they stepped in. And where they are headed next.

9 Questions gets these individuals, in the midpoint of their stellar careers to pause for just a moment, take stock and reflect on how they arrived at this particle stage of their life.

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